Perform Your Own Background Checks

Discover How to Perform Your Own Background Checks!

BackgroundChecks-coverYou’re about to discover how to execute a background check and screen anyone including: tenants, babysitters, dates, business associates, or anyone else you may need in order to ensure peace of mind in your personal or professional life. Many times in life, we must take a big step and trust others with something very dear to us in order to move forward, but trusting people you do not know can be difficult. This book shows you how to ease your mind in these anxious situations by getting the pertinent information you need in order to trust the person you’re about to let into your life on some level.
If you’ve ever felt uneasy about a new potential relationship, whether it be personal, professional, or otherwise regarding your family or assets, then you need proven strategies to give yourself that feeling of relief that you are entering into such a relationship with the most information available about the person or persons involved. This book is your answer!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What you need to look up credit
  • How to use social networking in screening
  • How to use public records in your check
  • Tips to prepare for a blind date
  • How to process the data you have obtained
  • How to act when interviewing a potential partner
  • What to look for when screening
  • Much, much more!

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