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Sid AkulaWelcome! My name is Sid Akula, and I write mostly How-To and Self Improvement type books.

My life was a bit ordinary, I suppose you could say. I’ve had my ups and downs like you would expect from any other person, but for the past several years I have yearned for something much greater. I knew I could take my life to a new level if I just put in the work to educate myself and execute what I learned. For the remainder of my life, I will remain a student in many ways.

My journey into deep self-improvement has been long but rewarding. After several years in this mode, I began thinking, “I should pass along a portion of this new found knowledge, experience and inspiration I have gleaned from these authors who have touched me.” And thus, the “Self Help Masters Series” was born.

To date, I specialize in writing summaries of classic Self Improvement masterpieces for the average reader to pick up, blast through in a short period of time, and decide which direction they want to take their future learning. I have recommended so many books to so many people, and so many times, people have told me, “I just don’t have the time.” So I decided to take a stab at a solution!

And so, here we are… I hope that one or more of my books may be of great help to you or someone you care about. Please feel free to let me know if I’ve done my job! =)

To your very best self,


Sid Akula


Bibliography (click on each book to learn more)


Dale Carnegie   Deepak Chopra   Don Miguel Ruiz

Napoleon Hill   Paulo Coelho   Robert Greene

Stephen Covey   Spencer Johnson   Timothy Ferriss

EPIC_JOURNALING-cover   The Minimalist Solution Cover   Fundamental Meditation - Cover   

Enlightenment  Yoga_A_ Beginners_Guide_Final   Chakras - Cover

Vipassanna - Cover

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